when people would ask if i think i'd be pursuing this profession for a long time, i would just give them a smile and say "i don't know. maybe. it depends." and whenever i'm caught in that kind of situation, i couldn't help but think if there really is a possibility that i'd be teaching for good.

i have only been teaching for one semester and it's pretty challenging, TIRING, but it's fun. and i guess it's true when they say that it gives a sense of satisfaction especially if your students get high grades and if they learn something from you in which you would know if they say "aaaaah. mao diay na ma'am?"

however, i really don't know if i'd still be teaching next semester. i don't know if i would be rehired (that depends on the evaluation..) and who knows, i might bump into a better opportunity this summer. but if (thankfully) i'd be teaching again, then i promise to be better and learn from my first experience. i'll keep the fire burning until it lasts. 

i still don't know where i would spend the rest of my 'career'. i may be here or i might be there. who knows? i guess i still have to explore the world until i would find the place where i could be able to help others in my own way. 

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