PieceofMind #1

Love is a risk. Love is taking chances. And most of all, love is believing it will work until the end. -lekdeclaro


Having a Peek.

Opportunities come once in a while for some people. In fact, it rains on some people sometimes.

For me, an opportunity knocked just last month for me. A guidance counselor position was open at school and I decided to try and see if I am fitted for it. Although other people were somehow surprised by what I did, I still pursued my application. I went through the process (exam and panel interview), however, it wasn't given to me. Even though I did not get the job, I did not regret my decision because at least I took a chance and found out what He wants for me. I'd prefer that than being left with what ifs and regrets.

You may have to peek out through an open door at some point in your lives. Others may push you to try and see what's out there while others may hold you back and safely cuddle you in your comfort zone. But for me, it is better to try and see what's out there, to try and leave your comfort zone, rather than just stay where you are with a big question mark that will linger on till forever. Trying is better than doing nothing at all.

Credits to ѕнαιℓєє for the photo.



Because the road is rough these days, I can't help but feel helpless, frustrated and hopeless. But that's just the initial reaction of a human like me. Since I have a cognitivist and a believer in me, I decide to see things in a different perspective. I know everything will fall into place in His time. I just have to wait patiently, hopefully, and happily. Quoting Bo Sanchez, I may be in a pothole now, but I'll be bouncing back - a hundred times higher than where I am now. :)