Next to you.

This just sums it all up. I NEED TO BE NEXT TO YOU.



Happy New Year! It's a new year and despite all those 'end of the world' prophecies, I still want to think POSITIVE. Anyways, every new year, I always come up with my own list of resolutions. Although I end up not fulfilling my resolutions, I still make a list every year. And of course this year I have a few resolutions that I REALLY want to achieve.

1. SAVE! Aside from the monthly bills that I have to pay, I'm planning of saving for grad school and this month                           would be a great start.
2. LIVE HEALTHY. I still am on my way of gaining five more pounds for me to reach my ideal weight.
3. PRAY EVERYDAY. This would be a good way to start the morning and end my day. :)
4. BE RESPONSIBLE. Both in terms of time and finances.
5. BE HAPPY. Less grumpy.  :)
6. GIVE LOVE. Show the people how much I love them especially my family. :)

I just do hope that I will be able to achieve my resolutions this year in the hope of becoming a better person.  We'll see. :)