The Last Four Days...

were my happiest days. i got to spend time with the person i love, got to meet his family, and be with him on his graduation day. it was something i was looking forward to since last year and thank God it really did happen despite the problems that came. it was so far the longest time we spent together since march 2010. ever since i finished school and came back home, we only got to see each other every after a couple of months and we would only get to spend a day together. so four days with him was truly a blessing. 

spending the days with him really made me appreciate and love him more. we did things together, ate meals together, went to places together and had the same itinerary everyday. it's way different than just keeping each other updated of what you are doing through text messages or phone calls. 

but four days were just four days. i had to go home and we had to part ways again. the happy moments we had made parting very much painful, much more for an emotional person like me. and after a minute of not seeing him made me miss him so much already. :( 

unlike other long distance relationships, i guess what we have is something that grows much stronger as the days pass by. and i guess it's the faithfulness, the trust, the commitment, and the love that fuel our relationship and made us last until this time and will make us last until forever. 

i may have failed a lot of times in showing how much you mean to me. how important you are to me. at most times, i may have failed to show how much i love you and i'm sorry for that. but really, you mean a lot. i love you so much. 

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