At some point, people may prepare a Plan A to Z of their future. Some people may find themselves doing different things at the same time. And I am one of those people. You may call this as quarter-life crisis but really, at this point in life I still wonder to what direction am I heading?

I thought that this is something that we only ask ourselves when we were still in high school, about to enter college. But look at me, almost two years after college graduation and yet, I still don't know the answer to that question.

Yes, I am contented with where I am now but still... That "but" again. A part of me wants to do something else, try new things, know what it feels like to be there, take the risk. However, there's the fear that if I get out from the security that I have now, I may not be able to come back especially if things don't go as planned.

In terms of plans, I have lots of them. But in terms of doings something to achieve those plans, then I did nothing. That is simply because I don't really know what I want to do in life.

How then, will we know what we want in life? Shall we look at the future like an optimistic dreamer? Or shall we rather be realistic in facing tomorrow?

Questions left to be answered.

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