Birthdays for me is another time to be thankful for everything. I have spent my 22nd on the 12th and indeed, I have so much to be thankful for - the family, friends, love, happy moments, LIFE in general. There's a lot to give thanks to but sometimes, or should I say, most of the time, I fail to do so. I forget to thank HIM for the gift of life, for the safety and security HE provides day by day (despite me being paranoid over heavy rains, dark sky, earthquakes, and power interruptions). I forget to thank HIM for the family who stays strong despite the trials and who loves me in spite of the mistakes and imperfections. I forget to thank HIM for having someone to love who also loves me back regardless of the distance. I forget to thank HIM for always being there to listen to me when everyone else gets busy with their own lives. I forget to thank HIM for accepting me and for forgiving me a million times for all the broken promises I made. I just do hope and pray that HE won't get tired of me. I forget to thank HIM for the love and HIS promises. I even forget to say sorry for my wrongdoings, my unfaithfulness and disobedience. I know I am such a failure in HIS eyes but I want so much to mend my ways.

Now that I am a year older, i'll see the world in 'older eyes', in a new perspective - one that is much mature, assertive, and one that has firm values and principles. It has always been a habit for me to renew my ways every birthday and this year is no exemption. I just do hope and pray that unlike before, this one's gonna be for good. It's up to me, I know. 

Gift from my SocSci family. :)
From Jubyang and Ian: true friends despite the distance.

The BEST gift: LOVE.


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