Hard on the Outside. Soft in the Inside.

Real Steel (2011). Casts Hugh Jackman, Evangeline Lilly, and Dakota Goyo.
I judge a movie based on its title alone. However, today, that changed. I was on my usual Saturday routine and the TV on the waiting area of in the clinic was tuned into Real Steel. The title didn't look appealing to me but since everyone else was watching it and since it's Hugh Jackman on screen, I watched it anyway. It took me around ten minutes to realize that the movie isn't just about boxing robots but it also tells of a father and son story. And even though I only watched the movie for around thirty minutes (I had to run errands in between), I fell in love with Charlie, with Max, with Atom - with the whole movie! Luckily, it was shown again on TV tonight and I watched it again up till the end. It was a really touching story. I wouldn't mind watching it all over again.

PS. This movie made me realize what it means when someone says, "He was so beautiful."

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