Gone Too Soon.

Recently, I have been hearing of sudden deaths of people at such a young age. A batchmate died last month, yesterday a young actor died in an accident, and just today, i learned from my friend's Facebook page that a schoolmate (just a year ahead of us) died. And it dawned on me, life is indeed short and death knows no age.

And i wonder.. What were their last words? Did they hear trumpets calling them shortly before they had their last breath? Did they see angels about to take them away? Were those who went ahead of us felt happy and fulfilled with their lives? If we all have a mission here on earth, were they able to carry it out? 

Indeed, we do not know when our borrowed time is due. It could be tomorrow, next month, next year, or we could be lucky to have a lot more years ahead of us. But since it is something that we are unsure of, i guess we just have to make the most of every day that is given to us. We have to spend it wisely, using time in productive ways. Spend time developing talents, nourishing relationships, helping others, doing what is right (in the eyes of The One above), and fulfilling our so-called mission or calling, whatever it may be. 

I hope there won't be news of young deaths anymore. Neither of timely deaths. It would be better to see people living happy and contented lives, pleasurable to His eyes, than to see people leave without making sure that they did what they have to do while they still had the chance. 

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  1. Life is indeed Short. It's like the wind that passes through your hands.