Love Notes.

I know it's way past February and it will be a couple of months more before the next February comes, but that doesn't mean that I couldn't share these simple love notes. love! love! love!

i love to lean on his shoulders.
i love it when he whispers in my ear.
i love to squeeze his hands.
i love to brush my nose against his cheeks.
i love the way he makes me feel.
i love him.

don't ever think that you don't mean anything to me. because you do. you mean a lot to me.
don't ever think that i am not happy with you. because i am. you make me smile. you make me laugh. you make me happy.
don't ever think that i'd leave you for another guy. because i won't. i won't let go of your hand. i'm yours.
and don't ever think that i don't love you. because i do. i really do.

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